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Approximate position: Lat/Long: 11°08'S / 152°41'E

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Bagaman has a large elementary school and a church to support its population of approximately 500 people. The local craftsmen produce some excellent wood carvings. Mostly they are of ebony or rosewood and inlaid with mother of pearl. The most intricate pieces tend to be ornamental spears, however they will take orders for any type of work. Expect to pay between 20 and 200 kina according to the size, detail, and complexity of the piece - and maybe more for "special orders". Think about the number of hours the carver must put into the piece and consider whether you think the price is reasonable.


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Editor's Note:

In November 2012 we received an update from SV Migration that indicates the previous anchorage information (SY Kanaloa below) may be inaccurate.

David Dobson of SY Kanaloa wrote:
We approached from the south, as the tide can run quite hard in this channel(5-6 knts) it is recommended that one approaches close to slack water. I would suggest that the entrance is only tackled in good light for the first time there are a number of bommies to skirt around but with a bit of diligence we never saw a depth of less than 1 metre under the keel, 3.5m depth, even though we entered at low water.


In November 2012 Bruce Balan from SV Migration wrote:
The anchorage information above does not fit with our experience at Bagaman. Perhaps it refers to coming up and around the side of the island. But as for the anchorage area, it is not accurate. Here is our information:Anchorage is wide open and easy although deep: 20+ meters. Holding was superb. You can anchor in closer to shore in shallower waters but there are many coral heads to cgrab your chain and strong winds do swirl around as they come over the island. Anchor towards the east as sometimes a bit of chop or swell can wrap around the point.We anchored at 011 07.7S 152 42.15E (WGS84)

Exploring the island

In addition to his woodcarvings, Moses is well known for growing delicious tomatoes in his beautiful garden.



Gulo and his son Moses are two of the characters you'll meet at Bagaman. Moses has a reputation as one of the best wood carvers in the Louisiades. Correction: This page previously incorrectly identified Gulo, pictured, as "Chief Gulo". This was our mistake - the actual Chief Gulo passed away in 2005, and Bagaman no longer has a chief. As far as we know, the other Gulo still lives on Bagaman.{img src="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=23 alt="Gulo" desc="Gulo"}
Around the school you are likely to meet Eustace, the school principal. 


Other places nearby

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