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Approximate position: Lat/Long: 11°17'S / 152°22'E


Duchateau is an uninhabited island, and provides a reasonable anchorage to stop and rest upon arrival from the ocean passage from Australia.

On the passage home, Duchateau makes a great location to drop the anchor to make the final passage preparations, and give the hull a quick scrub before arriving in Australia.


Anchorage is available to the north of the middle island, or alternately to the north-west of the western island. Persistent easterly winds may cause an uncomfortable rolling swell to invade the northern anchorage, but most of the time it is supposed to be quite pleasant.

From SY Kanaloa:

David Dobson wrote:
We entered the pass to the east of the main overfall area which was very comfortable in 11m of water. We anchored in 15m off the deserted Ana Island with beautiful pristine beaches a good place to rest after what was a very rough passage with the wind about 60 degrees off the bow. In retrospect, Gladstone or Bundaberg might be a better kicking off point as one gets a much more favorable wind angle albeit a much longer passage!
The anchorage was quiet acceptable albeit a bit rolly at HW also beware of getting one's anchor caught in the coral, the sandy patches are quiet few.

Approach : 11.18'.14s 152.20'.76e
Anchorage: 11.16'.62s 152.21'.10e
Datum to be confirmed, presumed WGS84

Exploring the island

To be completed.

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