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Approximate Position: Lat/Long: 11°05'S / 152°34'E


As one of the bigger islands Motorina has a church, a school and an aid-post. There also seems to be a soccer match every weekend.

Riman Bay Anchorage

This bay offers a good, sheltered anchorage with spectacular snorkeling.

David Dobson of SY Kanaloa wrote:
On the occasion we visited we had 20 knot winds from the SE we anchored just to the E of the village in about 10m of water, one has to look for the sandy patches of which a quiet numerous before dropping the anchor, we arrived at 0830 and the visibility was excellent. We had no problem finding a spot the anchorage proved to be very calm despite claims of it being rolly. The snorkeling just off the boat was superb, some of the most magnificent coral that we have seen in a long time.


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Exploring the island

Snorkelling & SCUBA Diving

In the shallow waters towards the Southeast of Riman bay colorful coral reefs and bommies provide a home for an extraordinary variety of different fish. Due to the sheltered position there are usually no strong currents to fight against.
The deeper parts of the reef on the Eastern side are worth a scuba dive.

Image Image
If you are keen on more snorkelling and diving you might want to visit the little islands north of Motorina (Pana Tatoni and Sara Nom Nom). They are mostly sand islands with a coral reef leading to a drop off that makes a good wall dive.
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