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Approximate position: Lat/Long: 11°19'S / 153°15'E


Nimoa is one of the most prosperous islands and provides quite a lot of different facilities. Aside from Misima Island Nimoa is the only island with a hospital. Nimoa's hospital was set up by the Catholic Mission and can be found in the main village in the Southwest of the island.
It also has a Secondary School, a College and a dormitory for students from other islands. Nimoa also sports a netball court and a full-sized soccer green thanks to the local soccer enthusiast Steven.

Church bell and soccer field
Church bell and soccer field

Nimoa Hospital

The Nimoa Hospital is the only source of medical aid for the population of the southeastern part of the Louisiades. Sister Sarah and her small group of nurses mainly provide care for expecting mothers and perform basic medical and surgical procedures such as immunisations, incision and drainage of wounds.

Catholic Mission Hospital
Catholic Mission Hospital

Nimoa Island Ambulance

The hospital operates the Nimoa Island Ambulance, a launch which can transport critically ill patients to Misima or Alotau? for more complex procedures than the nurses at Nimoa are trained for, as well as enabling the nurses to run mobile clinics around the neighbouring islands.

Help wanted

Although supplied by the PNG Department of Health and supported by the Catholic mission, the Nimoa Hospital runs on a very tight budget (approximately A$30,000 per annum which must cover salaries, supplies, and operating expenses for the ambulance). Consequently, they appear to be constantly in need of medical supplies. For instance, they use an enormous quantity of gauze and dressings to treat coral cuts and tropical ulcers. During our visit, a sign on the clinic asked patients to clean their own wounds before coming to the hospital since they were short on gauze.

Exploring the island


There seem to be paths on the ridge across the chain of hills in the center of the island.
Another nice walk leads from the hospital to the wooden cross on top of the hill overlooking the southern bay of Nimoa. You can start in the mainvillage heading east and walking uphill on a jungle track. But there is no track all the way to cross, however it is quite easy to make your way through the grass land descend down tothe beach of the head land andwalk back along the waterline.
If you like to go for a walk you can ask Geraldine who works in the office of the student accommodation to be your guide for a small donation (She loves crime novels.).

Beach with Palm trees
Beach with Palm trees


Sister Sara is the head nurse of the Nimoa Hospital and mother of eight.Sister Sara
Steven is the local 'soccer coach' and Sister Sara's husband. He is very keen on any soccer news or magazines. (Please provide a picture, if you have one.)
Geraldine works in the office of the student accommodation and she likes a good walk. But even more she likes a good book. Unfortunately,the island's library has been destroyed by a cyclone a few years ago. So if you have any read crime novels Geraldine would probably love to trade for them and take you on a little guided tour in exchange. Geraldine
Father Tony is the head of the Catholic mission on Nimoa.Father Tony
Eileen is one of the teachers at the school. (please provide a picture if you have one) The school uses a portable 240v generator to power a stereo / DVD player / TV. Eileen asked us to help fix the stereo and TV, and it turned out the problem was the generator. Someone had adjusted the throttle stop so that it was putting out ~320VAC, which blew the TV. We fixed this with a leatherman and a multi-meter.
Dennis is Eileen's husband.(please provide a picture if you have one)

Other places nearby

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