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Approximate Position: Lat/Long: 10°47'S / 152°23'E



Nivani is an uninhabited island next to Panapompom. You could almost walk between the two at low tide. It provides a delightful anchorage between the two islands.

Nivani Anchorage
Nivani Anchorage at Sunset

Exploring the island

On the beach facing the anchorage you will find some ruins. They are hard to identify now but the leftover structures used to belong to a copra plantation on the island.


No visit to Nivani is complete without snorkelling on the wreck of the Japanese Zero fighter plane. The wreck lies upright and intact (wings buried) in about 2.5m of water in the anchorage about 50m out from the beach. A recon trip in the dinghy should be enough to locate it - start from the point of the beach closest to Panapompom, and work your way across the bay.

The Zero fighter plane
The Zero fighter plane
Clownfish at the Zero
Clownfish at the Zero

Other Places nearby

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