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Approximate Position: Lat/Long: 11°09 S / 152°46 E


Hoba Bay Anchorage

Hoba Bay provides a safe, comfortable anchorage. Panaumala is quite a large island, with extensive gardens and well-kept villages.

Exploring the island


There is great snorkeling along the western and eastern side of the Hoba Bay anchorage.


Bernard George is an enthusiastic community leader on Pana Umala. He has returned to the islands after retiring from a successful career working for the PNG Maritime Authority, and now seems to devote most of his energy into supporting the local elementary school. Bernard makes an effort to greet most yachts, and has a wonderful collection of "visitors' book" with entries from visiting yachts dating back more than 10 years. Please provide a picture of Bernard George if you have one.
Taben Bona actually resides on the small island immediately east of Panaumala which provides less shelter and is subject to strong tidal flow. Taben is originally from Panaumala and is often found there visiting his extended family.<br>He was very eager to chat with us at length and enlist our help in advising him about how he might work with visiting yacthies to obtain some of the things he needs and perhaps to earn some kina. We discussed a few projects with him, and look forward to helping him with his "business plan" when he manages to crystallise his ideas.<br>Taben has recently returned from working on rehabilitating the Misima mine site, and at the time of our visit was still in the final stages of constructing his house. He explained his dilemma of wanting to live on the island and spend time with his young family, but of also wanting to earn some kina to help them get ahead in life. Although he appreciates the simplicity of the subsistence lifestyle of the islands, his exposure to "city life" in Misima seems to have inspired him to strive for something more.
Taben Bona
Taben Bona

Wants vs. Needs

Taben raised a particularly interesting issue with us - the difference between Wants and Needs. He has observed that very few of the locals give much thought to what they really need, and consequently ask for unimportant novelties like balloons or lollies in exchange for their produce or handicrafts, when perhaps they really need a few extra kina to send their child to school, or pencils and exercise books, fish hooks, or other items more fundamentally important to their quality of life.

Community Project - Communication with Yachties

Taben is particularly interested in improving communication between locals and yachties. He sees this as an important step in engaging more with the cruising community. He would like to establish a basic VHF coast station which the local villages could use to contact cruising yachts and notify them of community events etc.

We are currently looking for an old marine VHF transceiver and antenna to send to Taben to get this project off the ground. If you have one you no longer need lying around somewhere, please let us know. Go to the Trading in the Louisiades site

Meanwhile, we have suggested that most yachties will happily relay information via VHF and "Sheila Net", and that those of us with on board Internet facilities will usually be happy to send short email messages on behalf of the locals.

Village at Panaumala
Village at Panaumala
Beach at Panaumala
Beach at Panaumala

Other places nearby

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