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This page is in serious need of editing, but still provides some useful information:
Quote from mderridge, Nov 2010:

I have visited the Louisiades on 4 occasions and always include Rossel and Sudest.They are the least visited islands and certainly the most interesting and exciting.

There is a newly re discovered and marked channel (Vision Passage) through the reef, directly into the S.E. end of the main lagoon.

I always use this channel to sail directly from Townsville (via Herald Cays)straight into Tryon Bay.It saves battling against S.E. wind to get to Rossel and allows you to cruise downwind for most of your visit to Louisiades.

When leaving Rossel to travel West you can easily get to Rambuso Creek and then get to travel through SNAKE PASSAGE,into the main Louisiade archipeligo.

Until this year I recon at least 95% of yachts miss out on Rossel because of wind direction and battling up the lagoon for 25nm.
This new passage also makes Rossel a terrific stopover to Solomons,as there is no backtracking at all!!

If anyone is interested I can give detailed information

Damenu on the western side is the most used anchorage.There are 4 entrances to the Rossel lagoon;

1 main western channel (if approaching from snake

passage or Rambusso)

2 swinger passage (north side of lagoon)

3 Vision passage (now marked with sticks on

SW tip of island)

4 Jinjo (North side of island)

Exploring the island

To be completed...

At Damenu see Pastor Siggy and Councillor Ken.

Buo Bay One of the least visited and remote

communities,see maybe one yacht per year

See Abel Charlie

Places nearby

To be completed...

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