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Trade Request Noticeboard

Below you will find a register of items requested by various communities and individuals from the Louisiades. We are publishing this information in the hope that visiting yachts can take some of these items to trade and/or offer as gifts. Some of these items will help to meet the basic needs of an entire community (e.g. shoring up the sides of the village well to prevent it from collapsing), or support the livelihood of individuals (e.g. snorkelling gear or poly-tarp for sails) so that they can earn the money they need to send their children to school.

Please update the list if you intend to carry specific items to prevent other yachts from doubling up. Even if there is some overlap, there will almost certainly be another person in another village with similar needs.

If you know of other special requests, please add them to the list.

Please log in to update or add to the list. If you do not yet have an account on this site, you can click here to register for instant access. (It's 100% free to register and contribute to this site).

Register of Specific Requests

The Register is Under Construction. You can view the register and submit new requests, and you can also add new communities and residents to the list. Soon you will also be able to respond to requests to let others know that you intend to fulfil a request.

Submit a New Request

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