The sad thing about the Internet is the small minority of selfish people who think nothing of exploiting a site like ours for their own personal gain. To protect the quality of the content on our site, we are adopting a policy of moderating all submissions.

This means that if you create a new page, or edit an existing one, the new content you post will be submitted to our senior editing team to review. If the submission is genuine, you can expect it to appear on the site within a couple of days.

If you would like to volunteer as a moderator, and have the privilege to create and approve your own content, just let us know. We'll need to have a quick chat over the phone to verify that you are a yachtie and not a spammer, and then we'll flick the switch.

On the other hand, anyone who posts submissions that have absolutely nothing to do with the aims of this site can rest assured that their submissions won't see the light of day, and that their details will be with other webmasters on our Name and Shame page for banning.

Safe cruising!