Mike, a long-time Friend of the Louisiades, has been collecting and delivering aid supplies to the islands since 2003 aboard his yacht Vision. They typically carry clothes, tools and education supplies to Rossel, Sudest, and Misima north coast.

Although Mike was stuck in port at home throughout 2011, they continued to stockpile donations in Melbourne and have more than they can carry.

Edit: please note that the goods are currently all in Cairns or Townsville - no need to sail via Melbourne!

Mike plans to sail in August/September 2012, and is looking for other yachts to accompany Vision to help carry the goods and to distribute it.

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for anyone considering the trip for the first time, as you will have the benefit of Mike's knowledge of the islands and the re-assurance that comes with knowing there is at least one friendly vessel within radio range.

Those who have made the voyage before will need no convincing to help out, as you can't help but wish you had been able to do more to contribute to the local communities after you visit.

For more information, please contact Mike at: 0413 737 797, or email Vision at louisiades.net

Safe cruising!