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We're Back on the Air!

Author: Simon - Published At: Sun 24 of Nov., 2013 16:03 AEDT - (6002 Reads)
Admin News

A glitch on the server rendered the site unavailable for a few days. Hopefully it's all fixed now - we're still here to stay!

Safe cruising!

Editorial Policy Update

Author: Simon - Published At: Sat 11 of Aug., 2012 16:57 AEST - (5114 Reads)
Admin News

Please email us at siteadmin(at)louisiades.net if you would like to submit or edit content on this site.

Changes to Editorial Policy

Author: Simon - Published At: Tue 03 of Apr., 2012 21:14 AEST - (12340 Reads)
Admin News

Contributions to FOTL now undergo a moderation process. Genuine Friends of the Louisiades willing to help out with content, please apply here!

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