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Milne Bay and Solomon Island digital cruising guides

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Since 1993 I have been cruising Milne Bay, and over the years I have collected a lot of info around all the islands. 4 years ago i came across some satellite pictures from NASA with Lat and LONG build in - that was the start of my cruising guide
All anchorage are inserted on the picture and within they have a small text of the place + a picture of the anchorage.
If you have a small USB GPS for your computer your boat will come up on the picture and this is the most accurate form for navigation I have seen yet. At Russel Island I have down loaded Google Earth picture and celebrated the picture and it is now a great chart for traveling to Heron Opening inside the reef.
More info from http://www.svseagoon@yahoo.com(external link)

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The lasted is to download GE2KAP program ( free program) opdate your Google Earth. You can now make any google earth picture into a KAP file that you can use w any electronic devise - phone , tablet or computer and as long you have a stand alone GPS + naigation app or OpenCPN you are good to go. Used it in PNG this year and it is very good in among reef openings.

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